Welcome to I am My Kidís Teacher, a place for all parents who realize they are responsible to answer for the raising of their children. Even parents who send their children to educational institutions and donít consider themselves "Home Schoolers" are teaching at home. We are much more successful if we recognize this as fact.

Children learn, as the saying goes, what they live. If the home is full of activity and books, if new experiences and skills are valued by the parents, the children will become lifelong learners who recognize we start dying when we stop growing. They will always be open to new lessons and new opportunities. They will never find themselves bored. They will live the abundant life promised in scriptures.

If the parents are constantly striving personally to grow spiritually and value character and spiritual gain above intellectual or material gain, so will their children and generations to follow.

Weíre so glad you came to visit. Please come again, as we plan to expand our product line. If you know of a product that really has helped your family to achieve a skill, attain a spiritual goal, or add character growth, please let us know. We are currently pursuing the opportunity to carry several products we highly recommend and hope to offer them soon. If you would like to participate in a bulletin-board type discussion about training up your children, please join us here to read or add your ideas. If you would like notification of introductory sales of new products or of specials we will offer, please register your email address and we will get in touch with you when the news is just starting to warm on the presses!

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