Duane Cash from Irving, Texas...
on being the Winner of the
"I Am My Teacher's Kid"
Logo Contest!

I am my Teachers Kid Logo! Congratulations Duane!

We received Duane's entry on September 15, 2002, and were excited at its quality and theme, parent reading to child.

Duane discovered our contest through the search engine. He says he learned from his parents "That no matter what the endeavor, whether it's work, family, or education, I can make a difference by using my mind to learn what is needed to be successful, and if I do this honestly to the best of my ability, I will always achieve my goals."

He says he hopes his children learn "From me about honesty, staying focused on one's goals, and that everyone is intelligent in his own way."

Duane and his wife, Thongphet,  have a son named Brandon. Both parents work as fab specialists for ST Microelectronics and have not made a decision about Brandon's formal education, but that "We do educate him at home about everything we can."

Duane says he does graphic and web design from his home office on his weekends. He says when he created the contest entry: "I visualized a sense of sharing time, knowledge, and love. I felt that reading to your child expressed this idea perfectly."

We asked Duane how he would like his children to remember him, and he said, "I would like to be remembered as a caring father, as a father who does everything that is best for his family, and as my kid's teacher."

Little did we know the "You can't win if you don't submit an entry" would be prescient. The excellence of the winner doesn't indicate the lack of competition, as his artwork was certainly of first place quality.

Duane wins six "I Am My Kid's Teacher" shirts, three "I Am My Teacher's Kid" shirts, $40 in shopping cash, and his $1 credit for his entry. As the only entry, he gets all three places' awards.

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