Our Mission:
"To encourage and equip parents in raising their children in the Way they should go."

We have been home educators since 1987. We didn't choose this, except as an act of obedience to what we believed was the Lord's Will. We believe we will answer, ultimately, for our children's nurture and admonition. We are convinced we needed to have more control over their lessons and mentors than educational institutions provided. By not turning over the responsibility of education to the "trained education professionals" we found we had many unforeseen challenges for which we were unprepared. Provision, time, and perseverance have helped us conquer many of the challenges. We face the future with greater preparation and assurance that all challenges can be met as we strive, with the direction of the Creator, to raise each of our children to fulfill the Purpose for which each was created.

As we began our journey as home educators, one of the greatest confidence builders we received was when we heard a woman read the story of "The Animal School Fable." It recounts the animals joining to create a school wherein all the animals would be equally trained to meet the needs of the society. To make a long story short, all the animals were required to learn the same things. This resulted in the birds nearly drowning, the runners missing running practice to stay for climbing remediation, the swimmers having to give up swimming to have extra tutoring time in flying, etc. A beaver who could really swim and managed to run, climb, and glide from tree to tree in a flight-type style achieved the highest average, thus managing to graduate as valedictorian. The other animals were smarting from all their failures and had missed the joy of excelling in their strengths. They had missed the training in the way they were created.

We found encouragement in the Animal School Fable while we worked to teach our youngest child to read. We were puzzled that such a bright and creative child could have such frustration reading when he knew all his Spalding phonograms and remembered Bible verses and scientific facts like a virtual oral encyclopedia. Years of patience, gently working through reading programs, and prayers were spent with seemingly little success when we "came upon" Ronald D. Davisí book The Gift of Dyslexia. We offer it to you so you may learn the talent and the cause for the phenomenon we know as dyslexia, which simply means "bad word" or "trouble with words."

Another truly freeing lesson in Home Schooling was learned when we heard a speaker say that "we don't need to bring the school home." If you are truly trying to teach your children compassion, service, kindness, initiative, and so many other character qualities, you may miss the opportunities to have those lessons because your time is tied up in workbooks, book reports, spelling lessons, etc.

We were told that the "Lesson for the Day" is whatever the Lord brings for you to do. If a neighbor has a house fire, then generosity and compassion and service are the lessons of today, with perhaps a dose of fire escape and survival skills thrown into the mix. Leave the academics and go offer encouragement, acts of service, and kindness that the bookwork can never accomplish for that day.

The object lesson of serving others is the strongest lesson that spiritual and character growth are more important than intellectual growth in your home. As the saying goes, people don't care how much you know if they don't know how much you care.

Many products and words of encouragement or training have made our way easier and more successful on this road of Home Schooling. We hope, through I Am My Kid's Teacher, to share them with you. We trust this will encourage you in bringing up your progeny in the Way they should go.

Don and Nancy Kress
Kress Family Enterprises
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